Melbourne Tattoo Shop Florida

We are devoted to giving proficient quality bodywork and making your ideas and dreams into reality. Here you can see a collection of our work performed by our team of tattoo specialists. Don’t hesitate to browse through our tattoo images. If you are searching for the best Melbourne Tattoo Shop Florida, you are at the right spot. At Alternative Expression, we realize that body art is a declaration of what your identity is, and we are as enthusiastic about tattoos and piercings as you seem to be. Regardless of whether you live in Melbourne Florida or you are a visitor, we welcome you to visit our tattoo shop. Besides, we also invite you to explore our website, enjoy our samples, and choose the best service that you like. We are committed to assisting you with world-class body art services at reasonable rates. In short, Alternative Expression has a core value that is to provide remarkable and quality service. 

Because of the huge demands of tattooing in Melbourne Florida, our artists have fully packed schedules. So, book an appointment as it will help our artists to work in a professional and streamline manner. Quite often, we have had somebody drive from far away and be frustrated when we let them realize we can’t tattoo them the day they show up. We don’t need anybody to leave upset or let down. Obviously, anybody is free to come in for a discussion whenever, anyway it’s not reasonable that we will have the option to deal with walk-ins that anticipate an interview, a specially drawn plan and the genuine tattoo itself around the same time. The majority of this requires a lot of time and exertion for our specialists. 

Clean and Sterile Environment

Alternative Expression always ensures clean and hygienic conditions during work. We comply with the health and safety standards of Florida state in an effective manner. Besides, we have restrictions for tattooing of minors without the presence of parents or guardians as per the law of the state. Our tattooist 

  • Uses single-use gloves as well as wash hands 
  • Cleans the area before tattooing
  • Uses a disposable and single-use razor to remove hairs from the skin for piercing, if necessary 
  • Uses single-use sterile needles, single-use inks and provide appropriate aftercare information


We are always proud to provide a sterile and clean environment for getting a perfect tattoo. Whether you have your own idea for a tattoo or choose one from our list, our artists will draw awesome and top-notch tattoos. Getting a tattoo is long procedure and it requires huge amount of time to consider making a perfect tattoo for you that will remain with your forever. So, if you need something bad and done quick, at that point we are not the Melbourne Tattoo Shop Florida for you. If you need something quality, custom and astonishing then we welcome you. Get in touch with us by visiting our website and we will arrange an appointment.