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Few Words About Us

I started my tattoo career when I was a teenager not thinking that’s what it truly would be at first.

The first time I ever picked up a machine I had been drawing long before that and it felt, for a lack of better terms, natural.

Pushing my self through criticism, constructive and destructive, it all helped sharpen my sword.

Finding myself in my early years, striving to be a bold traditional tattooer after trying to “fit in” for so long, I finally gave up trying to do what everyone else was doing and decided to focus on my interests and personal growth as an “artist” and not just a “tattooer”. I started to venture into other styles and media’s, of art.

Ranging from black and grey, traditional, large scale neo-traditional and black work I have found my self falling in love with each style that fits my next client the best. I try to ask for as much creative freedom as the client will allow me, with that being said, the more I get the more I can truly put into my tattoos and present what I can provide for you to the best of my abilities.

I started tattooing in late 2011 and ended my apprenticeship on January 1st 2013

Special thanks to the many tattoo artists I have worked with over the years. I am happy to say I have learned something from each and every one of them and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m lucky to keep learning from other artists I continue to work with along the way. Thanks for being you and being a part of this crazy thing we all call life.

I have been professionally tattooing for 7 years and I do not plan on stopping any time soon.

I love painting and creating flash on my down time and going to various styles of shows. I just love the music scene, every part of it, and I really enjoy being outdoors.

And spending time with my lovely wife Kelly and our furry family of two cats and two dogs.

But that’s enough about me what can I do for you? Call today (321) 473-8215